Panini sandwiches made on a hot
ciabatta roll with a side of potato chips

Please leave your cell phone number, we will notify you by text/call when your order is ready for pick up at the entrance of the upper Beer Garden.

Nduja special (Sub for Nduja mixed with mayo)
Price: $16.00
Ingredients: Tomato base, Nduja, provola cheese, prosciutto cotto ham, fresh lattuce, pickled vegetables

Vegan/Veggie (Option Mayo)
Price: $15.00
Ingredients: Pesto Calabrese, pecorino cheese, fresh lattuce, sun dry picked tomato, pickled onions, cheese

Pork Lovers (special Festa price $12)
Price: $12.00

San Pellegrino Italian Soda or Water
Price: $4.00
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